What I’ve Been Reading


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I figured I shouldn’t update my tackling the TBR pile post because it hasn’t changed since last week. But I can say I have eliminated a lot on the digital pile as those books were due later today.

I successfully read all the Magic Tree House books on the list, I only have to renew the Meg Cabot book and the Judy Blume eBook.

I also read Jacky Ha-Ha today as well so that can go back to the library. I renewed my other book that was due tomorrow.

I’m glad this was a lazy weekend of reading and not doing much. While I don’t feel super productive, I am glad I did finish a lot of the books I borrowed. Once I’m done with all my books, I’ll end up working on these massive book piles I have in the house. 🙂

I’ve also upped my book list by 10 to 35 this year. I know I can do more, but I’ll keep upping it by 10 until I don’t feel comfortable with the tally.

So how many books do you think I can read this year?

GoodReads Challenge


Tackling the TBR Pile 05


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I know, I know. I’m late with this post. But I figured since most of the east coast had a snow day I could write up what I’ve been reading.

TBR piles

Book wise, still the same books as previously.  Though I did add in a few more. I’ve been going through trying to get my hands on a variety of stuff. Working in the library, I love seeing patterns of books being checked out.  So I have out now in book form:

  1. Cavemice: Don’t Wake the Dinosaur by Geronimo Stilton (saw this series being checked out quite a bit for kids, wanted to see why they are liking it).
  2. Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal (I’ll get to it, eventually.)
  3. Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein
  4. Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher
  5. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
  6. It Ain’t So Awful Falafel by Firoozeh Dumas
  7. Star Wars Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka
  8. Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
  9. Echoes of Sherlock Holmes: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon by Various

TBR piles

Then I also realized I could get ebooks from the library. (I had previously but hadn’t done it in a while. I have always wanted to finish the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne so there are plenty available from my library. So I have a few of those, and that Meg Cabot book. I also have a Judy blume book, but haven’t downloaded it. The book that is next to the Meg Cabot book, I have no idea where I got that from, it was just in my Kindle App so I probably ended up grabbing it for free off amazon.

I’ve also read three of the Magic Tree House books already.

So this is what I’m tackling probably the next two weeks. I just need to stop borrowing books from the library first so I can catch up.

Tackling the TBR Pile 04


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Hey, it’s that time again!  Time to tackle that TBR pile. You will notice quite a bit is similar to the pile from last week. But I did end up reading the James Patterson’s Bookshots book in a couple hours and that was the only book I finished.

Tackling the TBR 3.3.17


  1. Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson
  2. Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal
  3. Easy as Pi by Jamie Buchan
  4. Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher (this is the one I’m working on this week. It’s a short book, but I read a bit and stop to go, oh damn she actually went through this/did this).
  5. Star Wars: Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka (Not gonna lie, the cover of Finn, Rey, and Poe had be sold).
  6. It A’int so Awful Falafel by Firoozeh Dumas


  1. Bookshots: The Mating Season by Laurie Horowitz (Every so often you need a nice mindless, predictable story to read).

So as the pic says, I’m busy. Hopefully this week I’ll be finishing up a book or two and getting them back at the library. Then I can see what else I can start borrowing (or heck read the books in my room!)


Tackling the TBR Pile 03


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New week new post!

Now that I’m working in a library, my wanting to read has finally kicked in. But now I want to check out *all* the books. So far I read 2 out of the 5 I have out.

So far this year: I’ve read 4/25 for my goal. If I find that I’m reading a lot more, I’ll most likely up that goal.


Read in 2017 2.25.17

What I’ve read so far (Yes, there are 3 pictured, I finished book 4 when I was procrastinating on writing this).

  1. Unshelved Book 12: Overdue by Gene Ambaum, Bill Barnes, and Chris Hallbeck
  2. Young Scrooge by R.L. Stine (I was going to write a review, but then I’d have to admit how much I hated the kid being a bully and that I don’t think he learned his lesson at all unlike a Christmas Carol where Scrooge definitely learns something).
  3. Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson (love, love, loved this)
  4. Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier (Mostly loved, a couple parts I didn’t like).

Now onto what is still on my TBR Pile.


TBR Pile 2.25.17

  1. Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher
  2. It Ain’t So Awful, Falafel by Firoozeh Dumas
  3. Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal
  4. Easy as Pi by Jamie Buchan (This one is one of those random facts and stuff, that I’m probably just going to pick up when I want to read a little bit but not be invested in a story.)

What I’ve learned from this, I need to start picking up some of the books I own and start reading them as well. I need to make a ratio of maybe one library book and one book I own to read at a time. But I’m getting back into reading and Semi-Regularly blogging so right now I’m calling it a win-win.

(Now if I could be motivated to de-clutter my emails!)

Tackling the TBR Pile 02


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It’s been a couple weeks since I tackled my TBR read pile. I can tell you what I had on my previous TBR went back to the library unread. I just wasn’t feeling continuing the series at that moment. But I know I can pretty easily request those books again, when I want to pick it up.

Let’s see, I did finish one book so far for my GoodReads challenge. It was Unshelved Vol. 12 Overdue. Unshelved was a comic strip based on a library. Ironic that after the comic ended, I got a job in a library. You can read all the comics here.

Here’s a pic of my latest TBR pile.

TBR pile 2.18.17

  1. Young Scrooge by R.L. Stine
  2. Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson
  3. Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal

Two of those are library books so I have 3 weeks to read those. (I think working at the library is starting to spark my motivation for reading, which is good, but now I kind of want to read *all* the books).

So is there anything else out there that people are reading?

The Carousel at Pottstown


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Pottstown, Pennsylvania. When you see the town name you don’t think of much these days. Or if you do think of something it generally has a negative connotation to it. But that’s about to change with the opening of the Carousel. It was an 18 year labor of love to get the carousel restored, but it soft opened in December 2016 and is now open on weekends. Check out their website for all things on the carousel!


Rides were $2.00 or 3 for $5.00

They also had T-shirts available for $12.00 for Youth and $15.00 for adults.

There was also a snack truck there, but I didn’t look to see prices or what snacks were available.

I should also note that prices could change at anytime as well.

Now onto some of my pictures of today!

All of the days photos can be viewed here.








Book Year in Review


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Why hello there February! I talked about doing at least one year in review in my Weekly Update post. So here is my 2016 Year in Books.


Screenshot 2017-02-01 22.07.43

There’s the screenshot from my 2016 Goodreads book challenge. For 2016 you can see I did not meet my challenge of 30 books. Could I have done 30 books, yes I could have. I just got lazy and procrastinated a lot towards the end.

Yes, I read 27 books, but I also think we could get nitpicky because a good portion of those books were comics and not just books of comics (like a volume or something but individual issues of a series).

To that end, while I expanded my horizons by reading more a genre I’m not too familiar with, I am also disappointed in myself because my total pages read is very low. (In total I read 3,357 pages.)

Goals for 2017:

  • Read 25 books (I’m not excluding anything again this year)
  • Read more comics (there’s a pile of them waiting to be opened and read)
  • More diversity (be aware of the authors)

I do feel like my goals for this year are pretty achievable. Periodically I will do a check in to see how I’m doing. (If I don’t do a check someone please comment and remind me!)

So does anyone have any reading goals this year?

Also I’m working on a spreadsheet sorted by the books I’ve read by year. I’ll upload that when it’s ready.

Weekly Update


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Week Ending Jan. 27th

I’ll be playing around with different things, till I get this baby back up and running the way I want. I just wanted to pop in and say, I really haven’t tackled the TBR pile at all.

Why you may ask? I’ve still got this sinus/upper respiratory/coughing thing going on. It’s 6 weeks on now, and I’m just frustrated.

BTW: I’m using Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zingers tea with honey (2x day), Neti Pot (2x day), sitting in my bathroom with the hot shower running to create steam (2x day), allergy medicine daily. Currently am finishing up a round of prednisone as well.  Anyone have any suggestions for anything else to do? (Also stuff like mucinex is out cause my body can’t tolerate that type of expectorant).

What have I actually done?

-started clearing out some inboxes, I read the emails, but I never sort, delete, or unsubscribe. Goal is to get these guys manageable or easily searchable.

-and I’ve been eating. The Hangry monster has been out in full force due to said predisone.

Goals for Week Jan 28- Feb. 3

-At least 3/4 inboxes to reasonable level

-Read those magazines

-Read those library books

-Clean my room

I know at least two of those are achievable. I’ll get back on track soon, and also try and figure out what I want this blog to be about. I think it’s going to be multi-faceted. (Travel, Books, and possibly TV shows I like).

Also I’ll probably write up some year in review posts for 2016 even though it’ll be February by the time I get them posted.

Tackling the TBR Pile 01


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Hello blog readers! Long time no update. I’m starting something this year called tackling the TBR pile. Yes, that is an actual picture of my TBR books. And that is by no means all of them.

What am I reading right this moment?

For this, I’m also including magazines. I currently have ____ amount of back issues of magazines I’m going to page through. (I’m not admitting how many magazines are sitting in my room needing to be looked at).

-Magazines (Goal to decrease the pile by 1/4th)

-Assassination Classroom Vols. 6 & 7.

So right now, I know this is a short post but this is what I’m currently reading, and I hope to be blogging again regularly.