All About Me/Disclaimer/Review Policy

All About Me

I’m Nicole, I’m in my 30’s, and I love a lot of things.

First and foremost, by day, I work at my local library full time as a cataloger/master of a lot of things, and still at a local gym part time on weekends.

In December 2015, I graduated from Drexel University with my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science.  For those keeping score I’ve got two B.A’s and two M.S’s (the Bachelors degrees are in Music and Mass communications and the other Masters degree is in Instructional Technology. )

When I’m not working, I love to travel and I love going to amusement parks. Recently I’ve combined the two, and have gone on some amazing trips. I also take lots of pictures of places and things I’ve been to and enjoy. When I’m not taking lots of pictures, I’m usually reading or writing, or playing games on my phone.

Not so secretly, I’m a really big nerd. (Being a nerd is cool). Some of my favorite TV shows are Doctor Who and Torchwood and the entire NCIS family of shows, The Orville, & Expedition Unknown. You can also find me watching the History, Science, Discovery, Travel, Weather, and Food Network channels as well.

Also not so secretly, I’m a book lover. I read all genres, children’s, young adult, comics/graphic novels, dabble in Manga, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, erotica, LGBTQ+, history, text book, fiction, non-fiction, and anything in between. And yes, I can read all those types of books without being some sick pervert. If a book has a decent story-line, or a tagline that interests me, I will read it no matter the genre. If that offends you, then you probably shouldn’t read my blog.

I also dabbled in writing articles for the now defunct Helium and Yahoo!Contributor networks. I tend to write things I know about. Eventually, I’m going to see if I can write some amusement park reviews, or just get this blog up and going again.

You can also find me on Facebook.


In accordance with the FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, I would like you to know that, most books have been purchased or borrowed from my local library. Every book review that was an ARC or a contest winning book will start off with a disclaimer stating where I received the book. There may be a couple books, I have won in giveaways or ARCS from NetGalley and Edelweiss. It will be clearly noted.

I’m also a part of  Influenster, where I may receive items for free for me to try and write a review/tweet/FB post. Every blog post will start off with the disclaimer. Every item I review will have an honest opinion of if I liked it or not.

The opinions on this website are mine and mine alone and not have been influenced by anything.

The pictures on my blog have been taken by me unless noted.

Policy updated: February 25, 2017

Comment Policy:

Please do not comment on blog posts older than 1 year. I do not remember what the blog post is about, and do not have the time to form correct opinions about items. If you do comment on posts older than a year, the comments will not be approved and they will be deleted and marked as spam.

Policy updated: December 27, 2018

Review Policy 

Books: Currently right now I only request books from NetGalley. I’m not a big enough/regular blogger to have people send me books on their own. If I become something of a regular book blogger, I will revisit this.

Also when reviewing a book, I am not required to give a positive review. I will give my opinion, and will state what didn’t work for me if I did not like a book.

Events: These are events that I go to and participate in. I’m not required to review them, I just like to share my experiences. I am not compensated for these events. If I ever get to that point, it will be noted with a disclaimer like my book reviews from NetGalley.

Influenster: When I have items to try from Influenster, I’ll have a disclaimer and hopefully the picture I got it from Influenster. All reviews will be an honest opinion.

WordPress: is my blogging site. It uses items to gather stats about my visitors to my blog. Personally, I don’t use the information for anything. I only check my monthly stats to see if I’m maintaining the same amount of readers. You can read this privacy policy  about what they gather.

If there is anything else that should be added here please let me know by leaving a comment on this page, or sending me an email

Updated: November 2019

7 thoughts on “All About Me/Disclaimer/Review Policy”

  1. Hi Nicole! I’m @needacoke on Twitter. I talked to you about the pictures you took of the Husbands the Series crew at NYCC. I’d love to see them. Do you have them uploaded on a photo site where I could see them? Thanks so much! Dianne

    • I’ve got them on Facebook, I’ll be working on getting them up here eventually. I’m trying to work on my blog posting schedule, so when NaNo comes around, I don’t have to do too much. I’ve also got a backlog of other things from earlier this year, I need/want to blog as well. In due time they will get posted. I just don’t know when yet.

  2. Thanks for answering back! I subscribed to your blog so I’ll be looking for them. Are they public on your FB account?

    • Yes, but not my blog account. Search for a Nicole Forst, whose profile picture is with Chris Hardwick 🙂 and the two albums you’ll be looking at are the Husbands Panel album and the NYCC Celebs and misc.

  3. WOW! You got some great pics and a LOT of them. Thanks so much for sharing. 😀 Do you mind if I share them?

    • I’d rather share them myself when I get my NYCC blog post up. I’ll try to get it up sooner than later. Nothing against you, I just like keeping track of my stuff online.

  4. I understand completely. I’ll be watching for your blog! Thanks so much! 😀

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