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I figured I shouldn’t update my tackling the TBR pile post because it hasn’t changed since last week. But I can say I have eliminated a lot on the digital pile as those books were due later today.

I successfully read all the Magic Tree House books on the list, I only have to renew the Meg Cabot book and the Judy Blume eBook.

I also read Jacky Ha-Ha today as well so that can go back to the library. I renewed my other book that was due tomorrow.

I’m glad this was a lazy weekend of reading and not doing much. While I don’t feel super productive, I am glad I did finish a lot of the books I borrowed. Once I’m done with all my books, I’ll end up working on these massive book piles I have in the house. šŸ™‚

I’ve also upped my book list by 10 to 35 this year. I know I can do more, but I’ll keep upping it by 10 until I don’t feel comfortable with the tally.

So how many books do you think I can read this year?

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