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Why hello there February! I talked about doing at least one year in review in my Weekly Update post. So here is my 2016 Year in Books.


Screenshot 2017-02-01 22.07.43

There’s the screenshot from my 2016 Goodreads book challenge. For 2016 you can see I did not meet my challenge of 30 books. Could I have done 30 books, yes I could have. I just got lazy and procrastinated a lot towards the end.

Yes, I read 27 books, but I also think we could get nitpicky because a good portion of those books were comics and not just books of comics (like a volume or something but individual issues of a series).

To that end, while I expanded my horizons by reading more a genre I’m not too familiar with, I am also disappointed in myself because my total pages read is very low. (In total I read 3,357 pages.)

Goals for 2017:

  • Read 25 books (I’m not excluding anything again this year)
  • Read more comics (there’s a pile of them waiting to be opened and read)
  • More diversity (be aware of the authors)

I do feel like my goals for this year are pretty achievable. Periodically I will do a check in to see how I’m doing. (If I don’t do a check someone please comment and remind me!)

So does anyone have any reading goals this year?

Also I’m working on a spreadsheet sorted by the books I’ve read by year. I’ll upload that when it’s ready.