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Week Ending Jan. 27th

I’ll be playing around with different things, till I get this baby back up and running the way I want. I just wanted to pop in and say, I really haven’t tackled the TBR pile at all.

Why you may ask? I’ve still got this sinus/upper respiratory/coughing thing going on. It’s 6 weeks on now, and I’m just frustrated.

BTW: I’m using Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zingers tea with honey (2x day), Neti Pot (2x day), sitting in my bathroom with the hot shower running to create steam (2x day), allergy medicine daily. Currently am finishing up a round of prednisone as well.  Anyone have any suggestions for anything else to do? (Also stuff like mucinex is out cause my body can’t tolerate that type of expectorant).

What have I actually done?

-started clearing out some inboxes, I read the emails, but I never sort, delete, or unsubscribe. Goal is to get these guys manageable or easily searchable.

-and I’ve been eating. The Hangry monster has been out in full force due to said predisone.

Goals for Week Jan 28- Feb. 3

-At least 3/4 inboxes to reasonable level

-Read those magazines

-Read those library books

-Clean my room

I know at least two of those are achievable. I’ll get back on track soon, and also try and figure out what I want this blog to be about. I think it’s going to be multi-faceted. (Travel, Books, and possibly TV shows I like).

Also I’ll probably write up some year in review posts for 2016 even though it’ll be February by the time I get them posted.