Disclaimer: I received this from NetGalley in return for an honest review. 

How to Speak Emoji by Fred Benenson

I figured with emjoi speak practically taking over texts, snaps, instagrams, tweets, and anything else in the social media realm, but I was annoyed by the book. When most of the phrases in picture form are 3 times as long as the phrase it’s to imply, I’m not sure it gets the point across.

Maybe this is also the time I should add, I’m probably older than the designated target group. But I also hope this book was in good jest. The beginning with overview of what the emjoi’s mean is great, even the basic conversation section, as those are little emjois that you would use in small conversation.

Then the book goes downhill with song lyrics and sentences.

I wish I could have enjoyed this book, but in the end I just didn’t.