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What did I get this time around from Influenster you ask? Well I received  Airbrush Legs from Sally Hansen. I know there’s supposed to be lots of pictures, but I received the “light” color to try out. Well I thought the light color was going to be OK for my legs, then I realized how pale my legs are. When I applied the leg make up on, my legs kind of resembled the  oompa loompa from Willy Wonka and I’m not posting that 🙂

Overall, the product applied smooth, and set out what it was made to do, cover up issues. I did find that even though it was supposed to be easy wash off, it took some scrubbing to get the make up off the next day.

So how did I apply it?

  1. I squeezed a small amount (less than dime size) into my hand.
  2. I worked the amount into a small area on my legs.
  3. I blended to get an even finish.
  4. Then I repeated for the rest of my legs, until I got an even tone.

While I got this for free, I probably would have chosen the lightest shade they offer for myself to make sure my legs looked more natural. Also it’s great for people who wear clothes that show off their legs, and that is something I just don’t do.

So yes, I give it a recommendation but make sure you know which color works for your skin tone.