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Notes: For my Historical Fiction pick I had originally started to read The Book Thief. While a good read, I just realized I wasn’t reading it as quickly as I needed to for class. I’ll finish it and give a proper review once the quarter is over. I just feel the pacing of The Book Thief is one to be enjoyed slowly.


Walker, Rysa. Timebound. United States of America: Skyscape. 2013. Advanced Reader Copy Paperback. ISBN-13: 978-1-477-84815-9 Price in USD $8.95

Annotation: Imagine being told you can time travel. Imagine being asked to save the world using time travel. This is what Kate Pierce-Keller’s grandmother asks her to do. If Kate succeeds in her current timeline, how are the past, present, and future affected?


2013: Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Grand Prize Winner

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Timebound (The Chronos Files #1)

Mini Review:

Star Rating- 4 out of 5 (That’s what I gave it on Goodreads).

Time travel? Mystery? A Dash of romance? If any of these sound fun and exciting to read than Timebound by Rysa Walker is your book. Timebound is the first book in the CHRONOS series (2 books and 2 novellas with a third book on the way this fall). Sixteen year-old, Kate Pierce-Keller has had two panic attacks in her life she didn’t think much of them until her grandmother waltzes back into town, and asking Kate to move in with her part time. Kate’s world is tossed upside down when she finds out she has the ability to time travel. According to her grandmother, Kate must now go back in time to find out when her grandmother was murdered in another timeline to make sure that Kate’s timeline doesn’t get erased from history. Which timeline is correct, and how will Kate know what to choose and defeat the evil in the past. What will happen to the people she has met in another timeline? Kate must choose what’s correct.

If you like history, science fiction, fantasy, and adventure this book is for you. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Walker at NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2013, and I remember what she said about the book,” if you like Doctor Who, then you’ll enjoy Timebound.” I find that statement to be mostly true, though I feel that Timebound deals more with historical ramifications than alien encounters.

Videos: There aren’t many video interviews or a book trailer, but I did find a podcast with Rysa Walker talking about self-publishing and more. The podcast is over an hour in length so it’s a little long.

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Noteable Information: The book was originally called Time’s Twisted Arrow, but was changed during the awards process.

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Cover Image- Goodreads

Awards List and Notable information: Rysa Walkers Website

Podcast- YouTube user Johnny B. Truant https://youtu.be/ZT7_aFGVtcQ