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(Yes, I know they’ve gotten a makeover, but I can’t find any new badges that say I received this product from Influenster, so you’ve got the old one for now).

Clearproof is a 4 step acne treatment product by Mary Kay. That on the Mary Kay’s website says people have seen clear skin in just 7 days. I’m 2.5 weeks in and I’ve had more breakouts than I normally do with my trusty Clearasil products. I will say I am extremely glad I received this for free because if I would have paid the retail value of $45 I’d be pissed.

The only thing Clearproof has done is make my face slightly less oily. Other than that, I see no difference in my face whatsoever. I was hoping that I would see a difference in my pores and the areas where I break out. In fact, I broke out more with this product than I did without it. I also know that it has said that I can use it more than once a day, but then it dried out portions of my face too much.

Here are my before and 2.5 weeks in pictures. I’m going to keep using this for the full month, but I’m really not holding out hope for any difference.


photo (1)

2.5 weeks in:
photo (2)