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I received the Colgate Optic White toothbrush with whitening pen from Influenster to try and give my honest opinion.

Overall: Not a fan. While the concept is a great idea, there were just a few things I didn’t like. First off the toothbrush. It feels awkward in your hands, and even though I received the medium in terms of softness on the bristles, the brush head itself felt a little too wide for comfort, and the bristles really didn’t feel like medium as well. I will say the application process with the pen was super easy and quick, and maybe added a minute or two at the most to my morning routine. So using the Optic White Pen, I was still able to get in and out of the bathroom with adding a lot of time to my routine and messing up my schedule!

Secondly, the Optic White Pen. Application was a breeze, but I didn’t like the consistency of the “gel” (to me was more paste like) and for something that isn’t to be wiped off the paste is pretty thick.

Also I have sensitive teeth and I also have some of the composite fillings on my teeth, so I’m hesitant to use anything on my teeth for whitening because it can erode the dental work I’ve had done.

The last thing I didn’t like, after a couple days use, the tip of my tongue felt tingly. This is the same reaction I had when I used some denture cleaner to clean my retainers. And this is also the reason why I stopped using Optic White after 4 days.  I only have a before picture, but after the time, I noticed a tiny bit of a difference, but not enough to show in an “after” photo.

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If you don’t have a sensitivity to different dental products, and you use it for a longer period of time, I can see Optic White being an OK product to use. I can’t give it a OMG go buy it, just because of my experiences and my reaction. I also know I have a sensitivity to things easier than a lot of people.