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Disclaimer: I received this from Influenster as a part of the #RoseVoxBox.


This review also appeared on walmart.com, the difference between this blog post and the walmart review is I’ve added pictures here.
I wanted to really love this whole product, but bit by bit, I found myself more disappointed with it overall.
1. Extremely Time Consuming. I thought with three layers, they could have made at least the first layer quick drying since you have to apply that polish twice.
2. The smell. I know nail polish smells bad, but this polish smelled the worst of any polish I’ve ever used and with each step, it got worse. I had to have my bedroom windows wide open with a fan blowing just to make sure I wasn’t overcome by the fumes.
3. The adding the bigger glitter pieces (Bottle 3) was extremely frustrating as none of the glitter wanted to end up on the nail, or the portion of the nail it was supposed to. Then there was the time it was tacky. I’m pretty sure it took another hour after the time I spent working on my nails for it to be completely dry.
4. After I finally finished using the kit, the results did look nice, but I’m not sure I would spend all that time doing my nails for “nice”. I did get a couple compliments on it at work, so it was definitely a color that stood out.
5. I take care of my nails and try not to let things chip my polish away, and this polish started peeling not even a week after applying. So for all that work and having the polish not even stay on my hands for a week is frustrating.
6. Removal is horrendous. I think the only way to get this polish off is if you soak your hands in a vat of nail polish remover. I used cotton balls, q-tips, and toilet paper and none of them worked well in removing the polish. In combination it worked slightly. Also the glitter from step 3’s bottle does not come off. Once I got the nail polish off, I still have glitter on my nails.

All in all, if someone loves spending hours doing nails, this product is great, but for the average people who like to paint their nails in one or two coats and be done and on the road in a reasonable amount of time, this is not for you.

Here’s some pictures of my nails before, during, and after all three steps were completed.


During, sorry it’s blurry, it was really hard to get it to focus on the nails.