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It’s November and that means National Novel Writing Month is here! Yes, this year again, I’m trying to write 50k words in a month.  And I’m going to be honest. I’m not off to a great start. I have excuses, (this year, I’ve been in a funk, and just not motivated to write anything fiction wise, or heck this blog took a hit this year too). But I’m going to try and write.

Back in the day and by that I mean in 2009/2010 I used to write fan fiction. While, I’ve stopped reading and writing it for now, and I definitely don’t knock people who obsess over it because I was there at one point, I’m dabbling into a new fandom for fan fic.  This fandom will never see the piece and I know I said I never wanted to write it anymore because I have so many original characters in my head or in random notebooks that deserve the limelight, my 2013 NaNo is fan fiction.

I’m OK with this, I just want to get writing again. Maybe after November, I’ll keep it up. Like keep it in my daily schedule or something.

Good luck to my fellow wrimos and I’ll see you at the finish line 50k or not.