Harvest Fest 2013

It’s that time again for my annual trip to Sharon Springs, New York for Harvest Fest. Just like any other year it was awesome. The village of Sharon Springs, and surrounding areas are hospitable and are fantastically organized.

Highlights of the trip:

Eating at Justine’s in Cobleskill, NY (Right off of Rts 7 & 10 not too far past SUNY Cobleskill and exit 21 of I-88) is this fabulous little Italian restaurant.  I had seen The Beekman Boys mention this place and then the owner of the B and B I stayed at mentioned it as well, so I knew it had to be good. The portions were enormous, and you could easily make 3 meals out of the food you got.  I’ll let the picture speak for itself.


I should also mention all this food plus salads and a dessert was just around $50. So 3 meals for $50 for two people, a pretty good deal.

After my mom and I were in a food coma we decided to call it an early night.

Harvest Fest Day 1: Lots more vendors, it was great to see a lot of new vendors and old favorites. Seeing the new Beekman 1802 Mercantile was so amazing. Just thinking back to a year ago that was the Village’s art Gallery. All the work and detail that was put into it.

Eating at Dairyland again (sorry forgot pictures b/c it was so windy I was more focused on not having my food fly out onto Rt. 20) and playing mini golf with my mom.

Harvest Fest Day 2: Farm Tour!!!! Every year when I take the farm tour of the Beekman Boy’s home and farm, I’m in awe. The place is gorgeous. It may have been windy as all heck and cold, and yet the entire area comes out looking fabulous in pictures.

Seeing Josh and Brent, honestly it’s like seeing old friends. The same with seeing some of my favorite vendors like Tepee Pete’s Chow Wagon, Austintacious, and Glittermoon. I also saw plenty more and new vendors but didn’t get cards or think to write it all down.

Now for the best part of a Harvest Fest blog post, pictures!!! Here’s the link to all the pictures on Flickr.  Here on the blog are some highlights!

Starting off with a stop at the Welcome Center/Rest Stop outside Binghamton, NY



Inside of The Gables Bed and Breakfast



Sharon Springs



I forgot, what am I here for? Oh right Harvest Fest!



The new Mercantile



Josh and Brent, aka The Beekman Boys



Group shot



Upstairs of The Black Cat (which their breakfast sandwiches are OMG amazing)






Tepee Pete hard at work



Josh and Brent had a steady line both days of the fest



Dragonflies find my mom and I where ever we go. We were at Gobbler’s Knob mini golf



Mini golf



Side of the B & B



Josh’s dad, Dave, giving us all instructions on the farm tour.



Side of the mansion



Even with storm clouds the view is amazing



Heart-Shaped Rock



It was windy



Posing at the house



Goat kisses



The diva, Polka Spot, makes her entrance



Goats like my boots



The little goat is Faintly



I spy with my eye a llama



Veggies in the Beekman garden



New sign at the farm



Had to get a picture with Josh’s dad



Views on the bus ride back to town after the farm tour



Josh’s awesome idea to showcase our hoodies



Our goodbye photo



Lastly, these cows were hilarious running full speed down the hill, so I had to stop and take a picture.



All in all, Harvest Fest is a wonderful experience you get to meet new friends and catch up with old ones and it feels like no time has passed. If you like small town charm, go visit Sharon Springs and have a blast.

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6 thoughts on “Harvest Fest 2013

  1. Nicole, loved your post! The picture of the pumpkin in the garden is gorgeous! I came to the festival on Saturday, and wrote a blog post, too: http://www.ecohappystyle.com/sharonspringsharvestfestival/

    Maybe I will see you next year!


    • nlforst

      Taking pictures at the farm, there never seems to be a bad picture there 🙂 Hopefully I’ll see you next year!

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  3. Once again, your showed us all the fun to be had. Thanks so much for coming by to see me again this year(and for the very nice comment about Glittermoon being a favorite!). I loved seeing you again and meeting your mom this year, too! Take care and stay in touch! Cackie

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