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Disclaimer: I received this as an eGalley from NetGalley and I also won a paperback ARC through Goodreads Giveaways. 

Title: Prep School Confidential
Author: Kara Taylor
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books

The book starts off with main character Anne Dowling leaving NYC after accidentally setting fire to her private schools auditorium. (It’s not arson if it wasn’t intentional, Anne states a few times). But what’s done is done and her family set her up to go to the Wheatley School outside of Boston. Anne just wants to survive the rest of the school year so she can go back to a school in NYC for her senior year.  When her roommate is murdered just a week into starting at Wheatley, Anne notices things are not what they seem.

Anne takes on a journey through the who’s who of Wheatley, and throughout the rest of the novel, you learn more about Isabella and what happened previously. There are twists and turns and every time you see Anne mention another person who has reason, you are inclined to believe it. Even when it is revealed who murdered Isabella, I thought, I was not expecting that.

Throughout the entire novel I was kept guessing to who it might be and how the elite can really get away with anything, and it’s all about who you know to make sure things stay hidden.

I was excited to see that there will be a sequel and that this is going to be a series of books. I like that the the this book kind of led into thinking of what can happen in the next book. Hints were dropped about what the second book could be about, and how much of that did Isabella know before she died. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.