I know, June started off good, and then I became a bad blogger again. I didn’t finish some of the books I got from the library but that’s because I borrowed like the entire trilogy instead of each book on its own, and just kind of got sick of reading one series at a time.

Then I’ve also been full force on the job hunt.  It’s really frustrating. I can’t even get a retail job just to get me out of the house a couple hours a week.

I’m trying to do Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I made a small goal of 10k words. Don’t know if I’ll actually commit to any writing yet though. I’ve got a couple characters down, but I kind of need that thing to kick start them into their journey.

I feel like I know I’d start blogging more regularly if I was doing something. I mean it’s not that exciting that I go to the gym every other day, and then come back home and sit on my ass and watch Theme Park Review’s YouTube channel.

Though I may actually write about my love of roller coasters and amusement parks in a post.  (maybe, I’m still kind of sad that the only “new to me” coasters I’m riding this year are wacky worms. )