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Sunday was the big day at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA.

Overall, Coasting for Kids raised over $150,000 dollars for Give Kids the World.  Alone, the team I fundraised with (Team TPR (Team Theme Park Review)) raised $51,000.  This year, Dorney Park was much more organized than last year. The parking gates were open when we arrived, and the check in for the day, was right at the main gate. They had our t-shirts, and certificates and stickers in little bags.

Again this year they had Stinger open for some ERT before the day started and this year they even had Possessed open too! We officially started the day with a couple hours on Steel Force.  This year, I didn’t keep a good tally of how many rides I rode. I was busy taking pictures and other stuff. Next up was lunch provided by Dorney in the pavilion area. We had a choice of hot dogs, hamburgers, or fried chicken. I opted for a burger and hot dog. I was pleasantly surprised that the meal was pretty good. Usually buffets like that are hit or miss and it was a hit.

After lunch we had the awards ceremony where they presented all the awards for the top fundraisers. While on our way to the next coaster we were marathoning, we got to meet a family who visited GKTW with their son last year. The boy seems to be healthy now, but the entire family was grateful that we were fundraising for this worthy cause.

Next up were rides on Talon and Hydra. I didn’t ride much because two looping coasters back to back like that for a couple hours didn’t really make my stomach feel so hot.

But now here’s the good part Pictures!

My Flickr Page.

And here’s a link to Dorney Park’s pictures they uploaded on facebook.

Nick the top fundraiser at Dorney

Some of Team TPR

More Team TPR

We got a free onride photo, I picked this one 😀

First coaster to marathon

Second coaster we marathoned

Last coaster of the day.

Lastly, it was a fantastic day and a pleasure to ride coasters for such a great cause! I am already looking forward to 2014’s event!