Click on the image to go to Tynga’s Reviews website. Two weeks in a row! Wahoo!

This week, I finally got to spend my Barnes and Noble gift card I got at Christmas. (I know seriously, I kept a gift card for a bookstore for 6 months before spending it. Shocking). I bought the 8th Doctor Novel “Earthworld” and now that these are special 50th anniversary editions, I have a feeling over the year I may acquire the rest so I can have the complete set.

I also bought book 3 in The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. I haven’t read through the series yet. I started book one some time ago. Don’t know why I didn’t finish it. Probably because I started a lot of books at a time and then ended up going too many books at once. But now I have the trilogy I can read them all.


Next up is a book I’ve just got in my computer room to read while things upload or I’m playing games or something is printing. It’s about the local ghost lore of the area I live in. So far it’s pretty interesting.


Since I know I won’t be buying some books for a while, would you guys be interested in a what I’m reading Stacking the Shelves? as in what I stacked my TBR pile with and what I’m still currently reading? I realized I’ve missed posting these type of posts because I get to see lots of new books I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Tell me what you are reading this holiday weekend?