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This year the walk my WalkMS team participated in was in April. Two weeks before the walk date that we’d been used to. The weather was cool to start, but by the end of it, it was a wonderful spring day. This year was the first year we walked at Gring’s Mill outside Reading, Pa because they eliminated the Valley Forge walk site to combine it with another one, which ended up being further away for a lot of people so we chose the next closest site.

Gring’s Mill is absolutely gorgeous. I also want to say I think this walk was a little more organized than the other walks I had participated in. Also the amount of people all there for one main goal, finding a cure for MS. Seeing everyone’s T-shirts and all the different teams is fantastic.

Our team didn’t raise as much money as last year, but that’s because life threw us some lemons during the month of April, and interfered with any fundraising ideas I may have had. Which also, if anyone has any ideas in the blogosphere¬† about fundraising with a small group of maybe 7-10 people, I would like to hear your ideas or stories.

Here are some pictures from the walk. As always, more pictures posted here.

Team Photo

MS Wall of Hope

Entertainment at the midway point

Walking along the river and covered bridge.

I’m with one of the Reading Fightin’ Phils mascots.