I know I’ve been MIA for almost two months now. But I’m in the midst of getting ready to move. So while while I’ve been packing I haven’t been reading or doing much else, except get hooked onto NCIS.  And by hooked on NCIS I mean, watch the marathons on USA network, all day long and google stuff about it, looking for pictures, but not getting into fandom totally though.  I’m more or less just looking around for pictures and what not. Because let’s face it, NCIS has a few hot guys on the show.

I guess I just wanted to check in and say, I’m still around, just packing and watching DVD’s and marathons on USA network. I have a feeling that once I move I can get myself back into a schedule and start reading, writing, looking for voice over work, and look for a job as well.

Not much else too add, but hopefully once I get back home, I’ll be reading and writing and making myself a new schedule of things to do.