Book Thoughts: The Sacred Meal

So I got this book a few years ago from booksneeze. I forgot about it until I got an email from them going if you haven’t reviewed a book your account will be suspended. Here I am, going to write some thoughts about this instead of a review.

To start I really don’t know why I actually requested it. I think I was new to Booksneeze and I just requested the first thing that seemed interesting. But when I got it. I found it completely totally utterly was not my type at all.

I have to say this was a Did not finish for me. I never not finish anything, but this was the first. I think I was more expecting to be sort of kind of factual reasonings and it was more one woman’s journey through various types of communions she’s experienced.

So I’m not going to rate this because it was out of my element and I don’t it is fair to rate something I don’t normally read.

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