First I just wanted to welcome my new followers, but I also wanted to give a word of warning. I saw that quite a few of you guys have cooking/recipe blogs. I can most definitely tell you my blog is not that. I’m lazy. I actually really hate cooking, but if something I do attempt and hell doesn’t freeze over and my apartment is still standing, by hell I’m posting about it. So what I’m trying to say is don’t be expecting recipes all the time. If I do something out of the ordinary, that I think other people will enjoy, I’ll post it. I’ll post where I got the recipe and a link if appropriate, and what I changed to make it my own.

My blog is mainly about places I go and books I read, and anything else that speaks to me in that moment. So stick around if you want, I don’t mind 🙂

Now for something different, I’ve passed 100 posts on this here blog. I guess when I do put my mind to it, I can get blogging successfully done. I know I need to update with more important blog posts from places I visited in 2012. I’ll get there. I know I’ll get it done, because I want to talk about where I’ve gone. (Plus I’ve got some more spare time now since I’m job hunting).

Oh and random note, my beef stew was pretty darn good heated up tonight for dinner. I’ve now frozen the rest for later.

So thank you readers people just checking out my blog.