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Back in May, I had the opportunity to go to Hershey Park over Memorial Day weekend. I was quite excited about this trip because the Friday before I went the parks newest roller coaster SkyRush opened up. For Hershey, SkyRush is a massive addition.

I loved driving into the parking lot and seeing SkyRush along the skyline. Of course the first ride of the day, was to go and ride SkyRush, but it was not operating. I waited around for a little bit but then decided it would be best to check out a couple other coasters while waiting to see if it opened up.

SkyRush’s lift hill

Waiting to see if it was going to open right away. It’s a photogenic coaster.

Storm Runner was up while waiting for the reason I went to HP that day to open up. I still love storm runner. There is just something fun about that coaster. And it was during the launch of Storm Runner I saw SkyRush testing. So after riding Storm Runner, I made my way back to SkyRush and got in line.



Going Down?

My thoughts on SkyRush, I loved it. I loved the intensity and the speed. I also happened to be one of those people that had issues with the restraints. People will debate this issue over and over, but I know what I experienced, and I didn’t like how it felt on my legs. I also know that because I’m short restraints of all types hit me differently, and I tend to have more issues than other people in terms of comfortability.

It happened to be pretty hot that day, so I didn’t linger around too much longer. I think that day, I only rode, Great Bear, Storm Runner, SooperDooperLooper, SkyRush, and The Comet.