I did a lot this year. For the most part 2012 was good. Then something crappy happens, and makes me go Argh, 2012 sucked. But this a Year in Review, so on with the good and the bad. And I’m making this in list form. If I write it all out like I did last year, well it’d be a novel.  And I don’t think I’m that interesting.


  • Went to the Philly Travel Expo. I had lots of ideas for things I want to check out in the future
  • Met up with my friend Chris and had dinner at Panini’s Trattoria in Center City.  Amazing food. I definitely want to check that place out again.


  • I had wind damage to my apartment. Something hit one of my slider doors on my patio. Glass shattered into a million pieces but because it was safety thing it was just shattered in place. Then getting maintenance to clean up after they removed the door was an insane battle.
  • Tried a diner in Montgomeryville called Michaels. Good food. Nice to know I’ve got a few good diners around.
  • Visited Laurie, and Chris came down. We had this awesome breakfast at some place in Baltimore. Some of the best breakfast food ever.


  • Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s an allergy attack waiting to happy, but it’s so pretty, so I bring lots of tissues 🙂
  • Played volleyball at the University of Delaware for the Easter Seals with WSTW a radio station in Delaware. Got to meet two awesome morning show DJ’s and actually try to play volleyball. Mind you this was also the most intense workout I had done since my surgery in 2011. I had fun and it was for a good cause that’s all that matters.
  • Met Cal Ripken, Jr. at a book signing.
  • Went to the first Surgarloaf Craft Festival this year at Oaks.
  • Springtime and that means Free Rita’s water ice!
  • Hung out with my friend Maureen. We shopped and ate food. And she took me to this awesome little British tea shop. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the urge to drive up there for tea and british food.
  • Went to the Philly Zoo


  • My friend TyLean came back the US to visit her family. Since I really don’t mind driving in NJ (or more specifically the turnpike), I volunteered to pick her up. It was great seeing her since it had been about a year and a half since I had last seen her.
  • Went to Great Adventure with Chris and John on opening weekend.
  • Also stopped back at Great Adventure to avoid lots of traffic the following week after taking TyLean and her family back to the airport.
  • Saw the Bacon Brothers in concert, where in turn I had my biggest blog post ever. I wasn’t impressed with the brothers, but I was more impressed with their opening act Erick Baker.
  • Saw the Van Gogh art exhibit at the Philly Art Museum. Yes this was mainly because of the Doctor Who episode.  And I loved the entire exhibit.
  • Met up with Chris and his daughter at Chickies and Pete’s. Had fun.
  • Went up to Knoebels on opening day with Laurie.


  • Successfully created a Team for the WalkMS event at Valley Forge.  We completed the walk in good time.
  • I went to Cedar Point met up with John and had a fabulous time.
  • On the way home from Cedar Point, I stopped at Kennywood. Unfortunately it was every school in Pittsburgh area visit day, so my impression of the park is not that favorable. I would like to give it another shot sometime when there aren’t a few thousand school kids running around, being immature.
  • I met up with some TPR members and we went on Scott’s Pizza tour in NYC. (I’ve blogged about this too), LOVED the tour. Completely worth the money.
  • Memorial Day weekend, went to Adventure Park USA rode the coaster there and played some of the hardest mini golf I’ve ever played. On the way back from there, was a pit stop to Catoctin Wildlife Preserve & Zoo. I thought it was a really cute place and they seemed to really care for the animals. On Memorial Day Monday, I got to go to Hershey Park.  I got to ride their newest coaster SkyRush on opening weekend. It’s up there as one of my favorite Steel roller coasters.
  • After the holiday was a family get together at a place in Pottstown called Boardwalk Pizza. The food was decent, and playing the arcade games they have there with family was just awesome. It was fun running around playing DDR with a 3 year old.
  • At end of the month there was a fundraiser at a local branch of Chickies and Pete’s for WalkMS.


  • Philadelphia Comic Con, Star Trek Panel, met Kai Owen from Torchwood, and a few other people but those were the highlights.
  • Went to Book Expo America
  • Checked out Victorian Gardens in Central Park
  • Went to the Orioles/Phillies game in Baltimore with Laurie.
  • Coasting for Kids at Dorney park with Derek, Nick and Chris. We had lots of fun. I still wish there had been the ability to see every on ride photo from that day.
  • Went to the Lower Providence Fire Dept. Carnival Ca-Ching, they had a coaster credit!
  • Went to Six Flags America for the first time
  • Went to go visit my friend Jazz up in Canada. We went to Wonderland, where I got to ride Leviathan and some of the older coasters I missed, we checked out the Playadium (which is kind of like Dave and Busters), and I saw Jazz ride in a horse show. It was a busy but fun weekend.


  • I’m adding Jazz’s horse show again, because that was July 1 but the entire weekend started in June 🙂
  • Chris had a BBQ, lots of good food.
  • I went to Delgrosso’s and Lakemont. I got the Toboggan credit at Lakemont. I know I’m one of the few crazies but I don’t mind the Toboggan coaster.
  • I met up with my cousin down at Stone Harbor, and we drove into Wildwood. So I spent the day at Morey’s Piers with her. Lots of fun, a lot hot, and stupid water slides hurting our ears, but the coasters were OK. I just wish we wouldn’t have been too exhausted to ride other rides.
  • I was crazy and drove down to the Delaware state fair in search of coaster credits. They had 3, only ended up riding 1. I was disappointed, but they have pretty good food so that made up for it. And I got to feed a giraffe. So awesome giraffe trumps coasters.
  • I also decided to hit up another local fair closer to me, the Kimberton fair. One new coaster, and the one I rode at the Lower Providence Carnival, still one new one is good.
  • TPR Trip: LeviaTHON 2012; started off a day early and hit up SeaBreeze in Rochester before going to the hotel in Buffalo. The start of the TPR trip was amended because mother nature was threatening to be a bitch, so the first park on the trip closed for the day. But that just meant we got to spend a little more time at the Anchor Bar restaurant, and we got to check out the Herschell Carousel Museum. We then also did the border crossing and spent a couple hours in Niagara Falls. Not a coaster filled way to start the trip  but it was still fun. That’s what’s great about TPR, you get a curve ball and you can still make it a great time. I also got to see someone down a tube of vegamite for $200 during our Snack Exchange (I never ever want to see that again). The next day was Conneaut Lake Park, and Waldameer. Conneaut is a little park in western PA that time forgot. I really hope it can survive, because Blue Streak was awesome. And of course Mother Nature did decide to be a bitch and open up torrential rains, and we were all soaked, yet the people at Conneaut still let us ride until the thunder and lightning came.  Waldameer; what a great park on Lake Erie. Loved all of it.  Next up was Darien Lake, I compare Darien Lake to Quebec’s La Ronde in terms of operations and everything. I just never ever have the desire to go back there. Martin’s Fantasy Island, stopping there on our way back to Canada to pick up the coaster credits when the park was closed on the first day of our trip. I’ll give Martin’s one word: INTERESTING.  The border crossing wasn’t too bad, and then we had time at Dave and Busters! Dave and Busters with a bunch of TPR people is awesome. Next up was LeviaTHON Bash! 16 hours in Canada’s wonderland. exhausting, but fun. Last on the trip was Marineland. One word for Marineland: Unimpressed.  Sadly, the TPR trip came to an end and I was on my way home.


  • TPR’s East Coast Bash at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens. Got to ride i305. Awesome coaster. Kings Dominion was a nice park. Busch Gardens was fun too. I had a couple issues with them, but unfortunately those negative issues seem to be the norm, and not just because I was tired and cranky.
  • Went to Bowcraft, only one coaster was working.
  • Met up with John, Kim, and Rob at Rye Playland. I had issues at Rye as well about their lack of signage, and stupidity.
  • The following day I went to Keansburg, and then Coney Island, and Manhattan with Derek.
  • Met up with Nick & Erin and their friends, and Chris and his daughter at Hersheypark. There maybe photos of me dancing with Hershey characters
  • Laurie came to visit and we went to Great Adventure to go through the Wild Safari since 2012 was the last year you could drive your own car through.


  • Dorney Park VIP tour with Nick & Erin. Nick raise the most money at Dorney for Coasting for Kids and that was his prize. I’m glad I got to experience the VIP stuff. Lots of fun, and I even learned a lot with Dinosaurs.
  • Went to the Philly Zoo with my family for my Aunt’s birthday
  • Went to the Pa. Ren. Faire with Derek, Colin, and Kevin. It was overcast so crowds were light. It then had torrential downpours but we found cover and waited it out. I had fun, and then on the way out I saw a friend from college which was nice.
  • Family picnic at a family friend’s house. Lots of laughs
  • Went to the Chile Pepper Festival in Bowers, Pa. Lots of good food.
  • Laurie came up and we went to Harvest Fest in Sharon Springs, NY. This year we did the Harvest Feast, farm tour, and we even took a little break from all the crowds and went down to Cobleskill and played mini golf. Hopefully next year I’ll get to go to Harvest Fest again.
  • My township had a carnival. I went to get some fried unhealthy carnival food. There was a coaster credit, but I was too tall.
  • My 30th birthday. Had a little “party” at Hooters in Concordville. Chris and his daughter and Laurie came up along with my parents, aunt and cousin. Small group but still had a fantastic time.


  • Went to the Phoenix Phall Phunfest at Knoebels met up with John, Kim, Rob and their friends.
  • NYCC with my dad. Met up with my friends Maureen and Linda. My dad and I saw a comedy show at a little theater near the hotel.
  • Met up with Derek for dinner in King of Prussia.
  • Went to an adult education class about voice overs. Decided that it was the right time for me to take the plunge.
  • Went to a NaNo kickoff party
  • Hurricane Sandy


  • NaNoWriMo, I did it! For the first time since I decided to participate I made 50k words in a month. Now I just need to get the motivation to finish that story.
  • Had my first voice over class
  • Took the family dogs to see Santa at their vet.


  • Officially lost my job. For the first time ever I don’t have a reason to get up and check my email or be productive. It’s been the gamut of emotions
  • Met up with Derek for Dinner. Also realized the last time I hung out with friends, was when I went to dinner with Derek back in October.
  • Christmas Eve at Longwood Gardens

Now that brings me to now. I’ve had a couple phone interviews, but that’s about it. I also completed my voice over classes and will be ready to start recording my demo in the next couple weeks.

I honestly have no idea what 2013 holds. I mean 11 months of 2012 were awesome, and I know 2013 can’t top those because of the no job thing. But I really hope that 2013 isn’t as bad as 2010.

So have a safe and happy new year everyone.