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Being an extreme book lover I had always wanted to go to Book Expo America even though it’s more about selling and publishing. But let’s face it. It’s every book lovers dream. Tons of books in one place.

Since I’m not working for a bookstore or a library, I knew I couldn’t go normally, but this year BEA offered something called a Power Reader pass for the last day of the expo. I went back and forth on if I wanted to buy a pass because it was in the middle of the week, but New York Comic Con sent out a tweet for free power reader badges. I figured that by the time I had seen the tweet they would all be gone, but I wouldn’t know until I tried. So I clicked the link and entered my registration info and *poof* I had a free Power Reader badge.

Having been to the Javits Center before for New York Comic Con, I kind of assumed the layout of the floor area would be somewhat similar. I really wasn’t prepared for how massive it was. Whereas Comic Con is more about lots of booths in a space, lots of publishers have what would have been multiple booth areas at NYCC.  Even for the last day, BEA was a little crowded but it was nowhere near NYCC crowds.

The big thing was there were books everywhere. I just wanted to go and touch them all. I also wanted them all. Think about it BEA is a fantastic way to try new genres. I really had no idea what to expect with BEA so I just did what I do best and wander around.

The only thing I didn’t like about being a Power Reader is that they didn’t really prep you on what to expect at BEA or even where to go to say socialize with other Power Readers. They didn’t even really tell us how to talk to publishers.  I know the main goal of BEA, is sell, sell, sell, but a little guidance would have been nice. I felt like I was being tossed into a gauntlet with no help what so ever.

Though I will admit it is nice having Power Readers on the last day of BEA. A lot of publishers don’t want to ship their stuff back home. So it was awesome to be able to just get a lot of stuff, because they didn’t want to take it home. (OK, so I had to figure out how to haul my butt back to Penn Station and get on the train to Secaucus but that’s beside the point).  I also got a nice calendar from Ellora’s Cave (shirtless guys, can’t complain). It also seemed to me that the most relaxed of all the people there were the ones in the romance/erotic publishing genres. So it was nice to talk to people at both Ellora’s Cave and Dreamspinner Press for a little while.  It helped to make me not as nervous.

All in all I got to meet a couple authors, got some signed books, and a lot of arcs and a lot of the Dreamspinner Press  booth.  While I know what to expect now, the big question will be if I attend next year.

I’m torn. I want to but BEA has moved to the weekend, and it’s the same weekend at Philadelphia Comic Con. Though I have a feeling, I’ll be going to BEA because in the long run it’s cheaper to go there for the day then the weekend of the convention. Plus now that I’m getting more into blogging maybe I’ll go and blog about it a lot sooner than right now.