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Today Nicole’s Life Adventures is taking part in Week 2 of WinterHaven’s Seigh Tour. This week’s tour stops include letters to Santa sharing which books we would most like to see under the Christmas tree this year. To see everyone else’s letter to Santa, click on the link above.

I was going to try and be all cute and put a picture of old looking paper to make my letter but life got in the way today.

Dear Santa,

Yes, I know what you are thinking. “This girl does not need anymore books.” But you know I’m going to ask you anyway. Yes, I also realize I could run a small library or country with the amount of books I have. So after much debate, Santa, I am asking you for the book Torchwood Exodus Code by John and Carole E. Barrowman. 

Torchwood: Exodus Code

The reason why I’m asking for this book is because I have every other Torchwood novel, and I need this one to complete my collection.  I bet you are wondering why I want a Torchwood novel, when I could ask for any book in the world Santa. I’ll tell you why. Torchwood was my first foray into fandom, and with the TV show, I have had the opportunity to meet lots of awesome people.  While we all may not read the tie-in books, it’s still a show we talk about and have in common. 

Thank you for reading,


PS- Santa, if you see any job interviews, can you send them my way?