These past couple days were kind of like teeth being pulled out. A little unpleasant. My allergies have gone all haywire, and I honestly don’t feel like writing. (that and somehow I managed to pull a muscle in my neck while sneezing/and or blowing my nose.)

I’ve trudged on, only getting a few hundred words on Friday and Saturday. But I hope to get at least the daily minimum of 1667.  It’s nice that I was so far ahead that I didn’t have to freak out so much, but ideally I’d like to get back even more ahead, because in a day or two I’ll be behind.

I’m also hoping that whatever I finish writing,  I’ll be able to to say that I’ve crossed the 20k line.

Day 8- 13,336 Supposed; 18,126 Actual

Day 9- 15,003 Supposed; 18,447 Actual

Day 10- 16,670 Supposed; 19,099 Actual

Day 11- 18,337 Supposed; 20,209 Actual

We can see that my actual goals for the weekend kind of tanked, but as of right now I’m still ahead of the game and I’ll be determined to keep that goal.