I had intended on making this a days 4-6 post to keep with the every three days, but I got into a groove with the help of the NaNoWordSprints Twitter and I kind of went on a writing spree. It’s also now almost 2am, and I just wrote about 400 more words for day 8.

Here’s these 4 days worth of stats:

Day 4- 6,668 Supposed; Actual 10,238

Day 5- 8,335 Supposed; Actual 12,035

Day 6- 10,002 Supposed; Actual 13,269

Day 7- 11,669 Supposed; Actual 16,047


Day 6 so far is the only day where I didn’t write the minimum 1667. But I’m still so far ahead, it didn’t really matter (Yes, I was too absorbed in the election to actually focus for long enough writing sessions).  I’m also finding while I was at my parents house, I was more focused on writing because in my room there, all I had for computer wise was my iPad. I wasn’t as distracted to write as I am by my apartment. But I’m working on it. I think if I buckle down and do a few of the NaNoWordSprints on twitter, I’ll be golden. It got me to write almost 2800 words today.

These few days, I also did something I never EVER do. I wrote out of order.  I had one little scene nagging at me, so I jotted down the outline of it before I had gone to bed, I guess possibly Saturday night, and Sunday morning I had to start writing it. It’s still driving me a little batty to have this random scene when I don’t know how I’m getting to it. But it’s there, and I’m actually continuing right now.

I’m going to end this entry because I need to get some sleep soon, and I just want to say,  this year I’m swimming spectacularly. I just hope I don’t crash and burn.