So I had the idea I was going to write an update post everyday this year. You know as a way to keep me more accountable, and possibly get to the 50,000 word mark this year. But Superstorm Sandy, had other thoughts.

I’m trying to get caught up in my online life, which I seem to have done, but I need to get my blogs written along with my NaNo and that’s going to take a little more time to get organized.

For the first 3 days I am currently ahead of the game for NaNo. Here’s how it breaks down.

Day 1- Supposed: 1667; Actual 1,994

Day 2- Supposed: 3334; Actual 4,287

Day 3- Supposed: 5001; Actual 8,040

I haven’t sat down to write, write today, earlier today I did plop out 100 or so words. But I have no doubt, I will reach the daily goal of 1667, though I’m sure most likely I will push myself, and get to 2,000 words so I can say I have 10,000 words written already.

I’m also not sure why this year is so different than other years. I know I’m writing something that I do not have a lot of knowledge of, so I’m just rambling a lot. I don’t know. But I’ll take this groove I am in and run with it.