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This past long weekend, I went to New York Comic Con which is held at the Jacob K. Javits center in Manhattan. This has been something I’ve been going to since 2009 (minus last year because of no vacation time left due to health issues earlier in the year). I always go with my dad, but usually end up seeing a couple people I know at the convention.

Yes, in crowds of hundreds of thousands, I can still find friends.

This years comic con I was mainly going just to go, there hadn’t been anything that I was too excited about so I went in with the if I get to see it/do it OK, if not whatever. So by convention standards this was a pretty stress free event. There was one time where two signings were going to overlap, but my dad stood in one line for me while I finished up at another booth and headed over to take my place.

I promise pictures will be forthcoming, once I sort through the pictures to upload to Flickr. (If you’re my Facebook friend, they are up now.)

Here’s a quick highlight list of things I did:
-Met Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal)
-Met Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum (Unshelved Comic strip)
-Saw Peter Davison, while friends were getting his autograph
-Met Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy)
-Husbands the Series panel (lovehusbands.com)
-National Comedy Theatre had a special for Comic Con attendees, it was near the hotel. Basically a lot like Whose Line, just a lot cleaner.
-Buffy Comics Panel
-Met author Maureen Johnson
-Met Chris Hardwick (The Nerdist)
-Met the stars/writer/producers of Husbands
-While in line for Husbands, people went ape-shit for Jason David Frank (green power ranger from the Original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) and he decided to take video of his line with his iPad and nearly took a lot of us waiting for the Husbands signing out. (He’s still cute by the way).
-Arrow Panel
-Saw Gordon and Elmo before I left

So that’s a quick down and dirty summary of NYCC 2012.