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I figure now that I’m pretty much done with going to amusement parks for 2012, it’s time to wrap up this year.  So here are some stats for the year.

I went on 86 new roller coasters, which brings my count to 238 different roller coasters ridden.

I went to an amusement park/carnival 37 times this year and of those parks 16 of those parks I had never been to. Bolded are the parks/carnivals new to me.

  1. Six Flags Great Adventure 4-7-12
  2. Six Flags Great Adventure 4-12-12
  3. Dorney Park for Season Pass Processing 4-24-12
  4. Knoebels 4-28-12
  5. Cedar Point 5-18 to 20- 12
  6. Kennywood 5-21-12
  7. Adventure Park USA 5-26-12
  8. Hersheypark 5-28-12
  9. Victorian Gardens 6-7-12
  10. Dorney Park 6-10-12 (Coasting for Kids)
  11. Lower Providence Carnival 6-13-12
  12. Six Flags America 6-23-12
  13. Canada’s Wonderland 6-29-12
  14. Delgrosso’s 7-14-12
  15. Lakemont 7-14-12
  16. Dorney Park 7-15-12
  17. Morey’s Piers 7-16-12 (sort of new, I had only gone to one of the three piers but that day I went to all three)
  18. Delaware State Fair- 7-19-12
  19. Seabreeze 7-25-12
  20. Conneaut Lake 7-27-12
  21. Waldameer 7-27-12
  22. Darien Lake 7-28-12
  23. Martin’s Fantasy Island 7-28-12
  24. Canada’s Wonderland 7-29-12
  25. Marineland 7-30-12
  26. Kings Dominion 8-4-12
  27. Busch Gardens 8-5-12
  28. Bowcraft 8-11-12
  29. Rye Playland 8-11-12
  30. Keansburg 8-12-12
  31. Coney Island 8-12-12
  32. Victorian Gardens 8-12-12
  33. Hersheypark 8-18-12
  34. Six Flags Great Adventure 8-25-12
  35. Dorney Park 9-1-12 (VIP Tour)
  36. Upper Gwynedd Township Carnival  9-22-12
  37. Knoebels 10-6-12 (Phoenix Phall Phunfest)

This pretty much took up every weekend over the summer.  I know to a coaster enthusiast these numbers seem so small. But all of this years adventures were done without flying.

So this leads me to where 2013 will take me.  Hopefully soon I’ll be finding out what TPR trips are being offered and if I can go. Besides those, I’m definitely planning on finishing up the amusement parks along the Jersey Shore,  Adventureland on Long Island,  ride my first mountain coaster at Camel Beach Adventure park, and of course go to Great Adventure, and Knoebels because they are awesome.

I also have a list of parks I’d LOVE to go to, but realistically I’m at the point where getting to all other parks it is flying to get there.  And we all know flights aren’t getting any cheaper.

If anyone wants me to list the parks I visited this year/new to me coasters, I’ll gladly edit the post and edit that in to my wrap up.