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Back in May, I went on Scott’s Pizza Tour. I had heard about Scott and his love of pizza from various members of Theme Park Review. So I had the opportunity to meet up with a couple TPR members and went on a pizza tour.

This pizza tour was one of Scott’s walking tours.  It was also the first time I was navigating NYC on my own and in parts of the city that wasn’t around Broadway and Times Square. I was excited. I got to the meeting point no problem, and pretty soon we were on our way.

Scott is extremely knowledgeable about all pizza’s and pizza types, and the history of the locations and everything. (Kind of how I’m a roller coaster geek, Scott is a pizza geek which means you learn a lot about the food, place, and types of sauces, cheese, etc.)

I don’t know what else to say, other than go on one of his pizza tours and you’ll understand, but for now I’ll let some of my pictures do the talking. As always here is the link to the full set on Flickr.

Our starting point. At one point this used to be a pizzeria.

We walked past an Italian Market that was in the process of making fresh Mozzarella cheese. Scott got a little excited.

Fresh mozzarella

First pizza stop was Lombardi’s

Scott gives us mints and notebooks, so we can take notes about what we liked/didn’t like etc. (Too bad I was so into talking and walking and taking pictures that I really didn’t take notes. Would have helped me writing this blog 5 months later.

Taking the temperature of the oven at Lombardi’s

Lombardi’s Slice (Personally it was my favorite. I liked the other two places, but I LOVED this one)

We walked past a newer pizza joint that was getting flour delivered. We were across the street and Scott could tell us what brand flour it was. Impressive.

Bari, where they still make pizza ovens today.

Scott showing us his attack way to slice a pizza.

Second Stop Pizza Box.

Here we decided to have a cheese pull contest. (Where you see how long you can get the cheese to pull after that first bite.)

Showing us how to toss a pizza. (Did you know tossing is for show? And there’s a special way to stretch and pull with your hands to make the pizza bigger).

Pizza Place 3 John’s Pizzeria

The Slices at John’s. Here we had the final round of the cheese pull contest. And we also had some random dude see Scott with pizza in his hand and tried to take a slice for himself. We gave him the slice cause we didn’t want his creepy dude germs.

So there you have it. Scott’s Pizza Tour in pictures. And I apologize if I made anyone hungry with this post.