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Disclaimer: I received this from Netgalley. 

The Tower Chronicles is another comic book I decided to check out. I think I wanted to read it because of the premise of a supernatural bounty hunter hunting things, that people don’t think about anymore.  The story was good, and it was beautifully drawn and colored. There was just something about it that I just didn’t enjoy. (Also just because I didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean I hate it). I think with comics I more enjoy looking at the artwork than the story itself, and to me the artwork (i.e. the colors matched the scenes, etc).

Overall, I would recommend this to someone who is into comic books more than I am.

PS- I don’t hate comics, I just haven’t found ones that completely suck me in.  So readers any suggestions? I’m going to New York Comic Con next week, any comics I should start looking into?