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This week is banned books week so as usual I try to pick out a banned book to read during the week. This year, I picked a book from Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s Alice series. I had seen Outrageously Alice in Five Below for $1 and figured that would be a good quick easy read for the week.

The one thing I liked about the Alice series, is even though it’s a series, I really don’t need to know things from the beginning. I mean a couple things would be good to know beforehand, but being able to read them out of order works spectacularly since my library doesn’t have the entire series.

In Outrageously Alice, Alice is tired of being “ordinary” so to try and make her life more interesting she’s trying out some hair dye and bright eye shadow and eye liner. It doesn’t work so well. But the reason I can see the Alice series being banned/challenged is because as a young pre-teen (or tween) the questions about boobs, sex, and other stuff, would probably make some uptight people mad.

I say it’s a book, and a great way to open dialogue between a mother/daughter/family member about boobs, sex and growing up.

Have you read a banned book this week?