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Yesterday, I went to the local carnival by me. It was unplanned as I really hadn’t heard anything about the carnival this year and it was only when I heard fireworks Friday night, that I decided to go on Saturday.

Pictures can be found here.

For a local carnival it’s very small, but Upper Gwynedd isn’t that big, but there is enough to keep families entertained for a couple hours.

The food choices were small, but your typical fair food. Nothing really stood out as far as good went, but it was all good. Lastly, I had tried something new in the fried department. Fried Snickers. I’ve had fried Oreos before, but this year I wanted to try something different. It was good, but I actually prefer fried Oreos.

I think the only complaint I had about the night was most of the rides were no single riders only. As someone who goes to these things alone, it’s kind of disappointing that I couldn’t ride some rides. I think it irked me more because it wasn’t noted anywhere that rides couldn’t have single riders. The Zipper was the only one that had a no single rider sign. So I’m not sure if it was the creepy carnies not wanting to do their job, or they can’t run the rides with one person. So I paid money for overpriced skeeball and still had a decent time.

Here’s some pics:


As a coaster lover, I wanted to ride, but alas I was too tall by 4 or 5 inches.