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It’s the time of year where fall is in the air, and my friend Laurie and I make a trek up to Sharon Springs, NY for their annual Harvest Fest.  Remember this link about The Fabulous Beekman Boys? This is what makes us go to Sharon Springs, every fall.

We stay at a little village near Sharon Springs called Cherry Valley. Both places are cute quaint little areas, that just make you feel relaxed when you arrive.

So without further ado: Harvest Fest in Pictures. (Check my Flickr link for the rest of the photos, or if you know me on Facebook, then check out all 600 pics from the weekend).

The B&B:

Inside the B&B:

Downtown Sharon Springs, won’t be that empty when Harvest Fest starts!

Beekman Mercantile:

My friend Laurie and I waiting for the annual Harvest Feast to begin:

Awesome shaped gourd outside The American Hotel. (It’s the the details like this that make the festival, gorgeous, and fun.)

Pretty Flowers outside the American:

The American Hotel:

The Harvest Feast menu:

Saturday was the first day of Harvest Fest but the Harvest Feast I went to was on Friday night. Knowing that the Beekman Boys, will be super popular, Laurie and I always choose to do most of our main shopping for stuff at the Mercantile on the Friday before the feast.

See the line to see Josh and Brent early Saturday morning. It was this steady most of the day.

They bring baby goats from the farm to showcase in the front of the store. These goats were only a couple months old. (AKA the reason why you really couldn’t get a good picture of them).

Have I mentioned that Josh and Brent are two of the nicest people ever? Cause they are. Even though they are “celebrities” in a sense, seeing them, is just like seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a while. (and they give good hugs too.)

Vendors are set up throughout the village. Here are some of them.

Chalybeate Park:

Alpaca from a nearby Alpaca farm (they had lots of neat stuff for sale made with alpaca wool.)

The local animal conservancy was also there. (Their name escapes me at this moment. Leave a comment if you know and I’ll edit it in.)


I think one of my favorite pictures I took during the weekend.


Laurie and I set out to look for the Firehouse, because there was going to be a fundraiser for a local person with ALS. We found the firehouse, but went past it and couldn’t find a place to turn around. Benefit of small town/village living. I just stopped the car and snapped this pic.

Dairyland was mentioned on TFBB show, and somehow Laurie and I missed it last year, so this year, we made it a goal to get some ice cream even though it was a bit chilly out.

We also decided to break up some walking around Harvest Fest and check out places in the “area” (for us suburban folk 16-17 miles to Walmart was a bit surprising. Also it was about the same to do other stuff like miniature golf).

Tell Laurie to add up the scores!

The entire weekend, the clouds looked puffy and absolutely gorgeous.

Another time we pulled over to take pictures of signs.

This goat is named Moonshine. I have no idea why, but I absolutely love his coloring, and he’s just adorable.

Zoomed in view off of Rt. 20 headed towards Cherry Valley.

Here’s the crowd at the spaghetti dinner for Dodi and ALS. (If anyone knows how successful it was, I’d like to know. It seemed pretty busy for the entire time Laurie and I were there).

Now the last day of Harvest Fest. Laurie and I bought tickets to tour the Beekman Farm. Here is Josh’s dad, welcoming us to the farm. You can tell that he is so proud of both Josh and Brent for their success.

Front of the Beekman Mansion (aka, the side you DON’T see on TV)

The Crypt

The back of the mansion (aka, the famous side)

Farmer John talking about his goats, his milking process, polka spot, and anything else we asked him about.

The diva llama herself, Polka Spot

After the farm tour but before we left the farm, we were treated to Beekman goat milk ice cream. It was super yummy.

Heart Rock

Back down in the village, of course we couldn’t leave Harvest Fest without saying bye to Josh and Brent.

The Sunset as we were heading home after a very wonderfully, relaxing weekend.

So thus ends my love of Harvest Fest for this year.

PS- If you have the cooking channel please check out the re-air of Season 2 of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, starting this Thursday (Sept. 20) at 10pm EST. See the episodes that made me fall in love with a small town and see what wonderful guys Josh and Brent are, and how hilarious a diva llama is to shave…