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Coasting for Kids is an event put on by the Give Kids the World charity.  If you don’t know GKTW is located in outside Orlando, Florida and gives children a week to remember in the terms of living inside a fantasy village for a week to help children with illnesses forget that they are sick.

This year was my first year participating in Coasting for Kids (I mean riding roller coasters for charity? Great deal if you ask me).  So I signed up to be a part of team TPR with a few of my friends.

Cedar Fair parks host the events, and my local Cedar Fair park is Dorney Park. Our event took place on Steel Force. Which was awesome.  Steel Force has 3 trains, and Dorney dedicated one entire train to the participants of coasting for kids.  One person at the event rode Steel Force 92 times in a row.  Other people rode between 20-50 times throughout the day. Dorney provided us with meal vouchers and fastlane so we could take a break and ride a couple other rides during the day.

At the end of the day, there was an awards ceremony for people who raised the most money.  During this time, a family who had benefited from GKTW were there, telling us their story and how the charity helped them through some difficult times.

Now onto some pictures of the event! Coasting for Kids on Flickr

Most of team TPR ready to ride!


Having our own train, meant lots of empty space, and fun!

Steel Force our ride for the next 6 or so hours

Still smiling after a day of riding

Peanuts characters with one of the family members who benefited from GKTW.

Some of Team TPR still smiling after a fun day for a good cause!
End of the day

Last but not least, one of the onride photo’s from the day.
onride photo