So I’ve seen this pop up a few times on some blogs I’m following.  Click on the image to go to Tynga’s Reviews website. This may not be weekly as I’m not buying or borrowing books every week. But I’ll add in what I’m currently reading to make it somewhat interesting.
Without further ado, here is my stacking the shelves for the week of 9-2-12

  1. A Christmas Carol Graphic Novel with the main Character as Eliza Scrooge (Arc from Netgalley)
  2. OKAY For Now by Gary D. Schmidt (Borrowed from Library)
  3. Getting Naked, Five Steps to finding the love of your life (while fully clothed & totally sober) by Harlan Cohen (pretty sure I redeemed zoompanel rewards points for this)
  4. Images of America: Indian Trail and Edgemont Amusement Parks

Those are the books I have with me while home for the holiday weekend. The library ones are the most recent acquired, the rest are just in my want to read sooner than later.

I’m also reading a ton of back issues of People Magazine, EW, and Cosmo. I’ve had them stacked in my apartment for months, I’ve finally got off my lazy ass and started reading scanning through them because I know my cousin loves those magazines and I’m just sick of them taking up space.

I’m sure this post will evolve over time, and maybe hold me to reading more often.