It’s August. I’m still trying to figure out where most of 2012 went, so if anyone knows please let me know.

First off I want to say, I thought I’d actually do a better job of keeping this blog up than I have, I haven’t and I apologize to the 2 people that read this thing.

Right now my list of things I’d like to blog about goes like this:

  1. Scott’s Pizza Tour
  2. Adventure Park USA
  3. Catoctin Zoo
  4. Hershey Park
  5. Philly Comic Con
  6. Coasting for Kids
  7. BEA
  8. Victorian Gardens
  9. Orioles Game
  10. Lower Providence Carnival
  11. Six Flags America
  12. Canada’s Wonderland
  13. Delgrosso’s
  14. Lakemont
  15. Dorney
  16. Delaware State Fair
  17. Kimberton Fair
  18. Seabreeze
  19. Anchor Bar
  20. Herschell Carousel Museum
  21. Conneaut Lake
  22. Waldameer
  23. Darien Lake
  24. Martin’s Fantasy Island
  25. Niagara Falls
  26. Canada’s Wonderland Again
  27. Marineland
  28. Kings Dominion
  29. Busch Gardens
  30. Rye Playland
  31. Bowcraft
  32. Keansburg
  33. Coney Island/NYC

So um yeah, I got behind, because I pretty much out having fun doing those life adventures as my blog is titled.

Instead of reviewing, I’m thinking of just uploading most pics to Flicker, and writing little blurbs and what not.

So readers I ask if there is a blog post you want to see done first let me know.