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I know me going to an ACE event. I never really saw it happening, but I went, and I’m glad I did. I’m not an ACE member but I went as a guest of one of my friends who is a member. I know there are some rifts between some coaster enthusiast groups, and I’m not here to make politics of it all, but I think each group has its own pluses and minuses but that’s not up for discussion this is about Cedar Point.

The night before, I headed to my friends house since they live an hour and a half west of me which means less time on the road. We made two stops along the way, arriving at Cedar Point in time for the early afternoon check in to the conference. Registration was fairly straight forward and pretty organized.
Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in the park, until evening ERT (exclusive ride time). The first ride we went on was Windseeker. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like Windseeker, but in the end, I enjoyed it a lot, so much so that I ended up going on it a couple more times throughout the weekend.

But you know what, I could write about how awesome the rides are, and how good the food was that was provided for the conference was, but I think I’ll let my pictures show you what an awesome weekend I had.

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Cedar Point Skyline


Millennium Force


Blue Streak




Raptor Being awesome


Shoot the Rapids and Millennium Force


Wicked Twister, Ferris Wheel, & Windseeker


Millennium Force at Night


Score, Jr. Gemini credit!

Exhausted friends after a fabulous weekend of ERT, food, and fun.


After the conference it was time to pack up and head home, but we made a pit stop at Kennywood outside of Pittsburgh to ride some more coasters. I’ll write up about Kennywood in another update.