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The WalkMS was on Sunday May 6, 2012 at various locations throughout the Delaware Valley. Our walk site was Valley Forge.

I want to say how proud I am of my team, we may have been 8 people, but we raised $880 so far for the 2012 walk. We have until June 30th, I have no doubt that we’ll push to $900.

Also for our first year, $880 as a team is awesome. I now know what goes into being a team captain, and I’m looking forward to setting up fundraisers for the 2013 Walk.

Weather wise, it was great weather for a walk, a little cool, but comfortable throughout. We completed the 5 miles in under 2 hours, which I was not expecting.

The only thing I dislike about walking at the Valley Forge site are the bike riders. WalkMS is a decently promoted event. I’m pretty sure all you ignorant bike riders can ride a bit earlier or later, or take a different path. The whole trail runs from Philly to Berks county. Plenty of places to ride your bike. Also, a few thousand people trumps you few bikers. For those few hours we have the right of way.

I was sick and tired of your snide comments about how walkers have no clue what bikers do and what not throughout the walk. Guess what bikers I didn’t see you out there raising money for MS, so please stop being ignorant assholes while a few thousand of us are walking to find a cure for a couple hours. Thanks.

But here are some pictures from the walk!





Last but not least Team Picture!


Left to Right: Andrea, Bonnie, Bob, Marci, Nicole, Steve, Randy, Lana