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The next entry on my 100 things list is:

The Phoenix at Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pa (http://rcdb.com/143.htm)



This is one of my FAVORITE coasters EVER. See I used all caps there. It means I like it A LOT. I remember first riding this back in Spring of 2002 when going to Knoebels for the first time with the concert band in college. I freaked out at the amount of air time I got on this ride. I don’t freak out a lot on coasters, but just by looking at the Phoenix, it just wasn’t expected.

Over the years, this woodie has won my heart over, and now it just feels weird if it isn’t one of the first rides of the coaster season.

Over the off season, they seem to have re-tracked parts of it, and it has just made the ride even better.

I could also go on about my love for Knoebels, but I’ll do that as a separate entry. Cause there’s a lot to love about the place.

So now you’ve seen my top 3 wooden coasters on here. I promise to add more steel coasters to my count I mean I’ve got 96 more to go. I think after I do the first 10, I’ll do 10 coasters I look forward to riding this year, and then coasters I want to ride in the future.