Disclaimer: As by the title of this post, this entry talks about Vaginas, and Vaginas as an art project. If you can’t handle that, don’t read this review.

How I obtained the book: Borrowed from a friend in the UK. Who had mentioned this to me a while back. So when she was home visiting family, I had the opportunity to read the book.

So The Great Wall of Vagina is a wall of 400 casts of vaginas.  Artist Jamie McCartney has set out to change the perception of how women view their vaginas, and to show that no one vagina is the same and that we all don’t look like those porn star private parts.

The book is an account by Jamie of how the project started and how it’s now “complete” ready for it’s exhibition this year. After that there are stories from the models on why they chose to have their vagina’s cast. Some it was for fun, others it was because they were assaulted and wanted to take back the good thoughts of down there.

The last section of the book are individual pictures of each cast made for the wall.  Each are listed anonymously from the stories, so you cannot pick out whose vagina is whose.

Overall if you are a lady, and you feel like you aren’t “normal” down there take a look at the book or the website, and you’ll see everyone is just a bit different and that’s OK.