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Ever have one of those experiences where you thought the music was good at a concert but that’s about it? That describes the Bacon Brothers for me.

To start, I want to say I was completely enamored with the opening act Erick Baker is an understatement. (Erick’s Website) I’m not usually a fan of “country” type music. I mean there are few songs here and there that I will listen to of the genre, but I could have been in love with the talent of his violin player Donnie Ries. Holy shit can that man play.  Having played the violin throughout my school years, to see his talent and the ease he played, just put me in a really good mood. Both men were personable and interacting with the crowd which just made you that much more into their music. After their set, I decided to go out and meet them.

Erick and Donnie are the nicest men around. Both are so gracious and humble. I bought two of Erick’s CD’s and got them signed and my picture taken with him and Donnie. I sincerely hope I can get back to the theater when he’s back in town in June.

The interval has passed and now it’s time for the Bacon Brothers. They came out lots of cheering, and they actually do have some pretty great songs. I was into the music. (*insert rant here* Why, is it at nice small little local venues are some of the most insane ignorant assholes out there? I’ve  been to Sellersville 3 times now, and each concert (different genres) has had ignorant people ignoring the No Flash photography, or are completely drunk off their nut talking ridiculously loudly in the middle of the set, or singing along at the top of their lungs. I understand if it’s at a rock concert in say the Wells Fargo Center, but it’s a couple hundred seat venue where you can hear everything. Have some freaking respect people. It’s not that hard. *end rant*) Ok, now that’s off my chest. Back to the show; I was really disappointed with how un-personable Kevin Bacon is.  He had no interaction with the crowd, didn’t even talk about the songs, his brother did all of that. Being that this was a local show for the brothers, I expected some Philly love.  I didn’t get any love vibe from them. I just got the “Oh here’s another show again” vibe. It was almost as if they were there because they had to be not because they wanted to be. Which in my mind was a bit disappointing. I’m sure the drunk people didn’t notice, but as someone who goes to shows to appreciate music, it’s the little things that make or break a show for me.

In closing, while the Bacon Brothers, have great music, I have no desire to ever see them in concert again, while Erick Baker was awesome and musically inspiring, I have no problems with wanting to see him again.