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So I’m doing this challenge on my LiveJournal

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

And while I’ll be posting it out on my LiveJournal first, but I figure since this 100 things challenge is going to be about roller coasters in amusement parks so this is a good blog for this too.

Without further ado, here is my first entry into my 100 things challenge:

Since I’ve gone to Six Flags Great Adventure twice so far this amusement park season. I’m going to start my 100 things with ONE of my favorite wooden roller coasters. (I have 3 that are interchangeably my top 3 and all will be featured in due time) but today belongs to:

El Toro (http://rcdb.com/3183.htm)


Why I love El Toro. It’s tall, it’s fast, and it’s just plain awesome. It opened in 2006 and it still feels just as smooth today as it did back then. I also love the lift hill. It’s not your typical clank of the chain lift, but it’s a cable lift, so instead of minutes to get to the top of the lift hill it’s a matter of seconds.

Every time I go to Great Adventure, I have to ride El Toro. The park has 12 other roller coasters, and while some of those are awesome. I just have to ride El Toro every time.