It’s a Monday, and it doesn’t feel like a Monday, but I figure I need to keep updating, even if it’s pointless posts like this, because I need to get into a swing of blogging regularly.

But no one commented to say  if they wanted to see the Zoo pictures.  I’ll post them up anyway, but I’d like to know if I’m boring you to death, or if this is a good idea.

This past weekend I started off my 2012 Amusement Park adventures at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. It was a bit windy, but overall the group of friends I went with had a good time.  I’ll post the couple photos that I took of the day here as well.

Easter Sunday was nice as I got to spend time with my family. Spending time with friends and family in one weekend, was pretty nice.

Book wise, I’ve gotten behind again, because I’ve started to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Netflix Instant.  (I loved that show when it was on and back in the day, I was a moderator of a forum for QE so I have a special place for the show in my heart).

So dear readers how have you been?