How is it April already? I’m not sure, but I don’t mind. I seem to be pretty busy from here until June. I’ll try to keep blogging regularly, but I seem to get lazy when I get busy.

I went to the Philadelphia Zoo this past weekend. I’ll make a separate blog entry for that, because it’s got pictures, and pictures are fun 🙂

But for today’s random fun, what a difference a year makes.

april 2011

April 2011, when I ended up in the hospital and having major surgery after an ER visit.

April 2012

And this was taken today. I’m happy and healthy, and trying to get back in shape and be healthy this year.

I’m also currently, working on making Photo Trip Reports of amusement parks I’ve visited, and I’m posting them on TPR, but for non-tpr members or people who don’t like message boards, would any readers be interested in these?

I’ve got a couple blog entry ideas to get up and going, so I’m going to end this now, before it goes completely off track. (Also remember I’m Team Captain of Coastin’ to a Cure for WalkMS and part of Team TPR for Coasting for Kids, links and information can be found in my previous blog entries!)