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On Tuesday, I went to a book signing for Cal Ripken, Jr.’s new children’s book Super-Sized Slugger. I don’t think I can adequately explain my excitement for this signing in words. For those who are not sports fans, Cal Ripken, Jr. is the baseball player who has the record for playing in the most consecutive games ever. He is someone I had grown up watching. The Baltimore Orioles are my favorite American League team. The Philadelphia Phillies are my National League team.

But mainly I just liked Cal as a person, and his charitable work, so when Children’s Book World in Haverford said they were having a book signing with Cal I knew I had to be there.

Overall this was one of the best book signings I had ever been to. The organization of the book store and Cal Ripken’s handlers were superb. First, Cal arrived early. These days what star arrives early? Not many. For a little bit he was signing extra books for the book store and right at the start time for the signing, he was out signing books for people in the queue.

They had it set up where the line went around the side of the building and then everyone was sort of “broken” up into groups of 10-15. When you got towards the front of the line, the first handler would take your copy of the book, open it to the page, and then when the person in front of you was done with Cal, he handed him your book and then you got to shake his hand, and try to have a little conversation with him. But as per usual with me, I get star struck and all coherent conversation leaves my brain, and I’m lucky I utter the word “hi”. But I have his autograph so that makes me  happy.

After getting the book signed you had the option of either leaving or waiting to get your picture taken with Cal. Of course I waited to get my picture taken.  After your group of 10-15 people had their books signed, Cal would stop signing and then move to take pictures with that group. You would then give your camera to his other handler, and they took your picture.

By doing the signing this way, the lines moved quickly and efficiently. Besides the waiting in line for an hour before hand since it was recommended to arrive early, I was at the signing a whole 15 minutes. So a big shout out to the book store and Cal’s handlers for the efficiency at which the signing was completed.

Now for some pictures.

Cal Ripken's Book
-The Book

-Cal and I