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Back on the 8th of March, I had the opportunity to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  The last time I was at the flower show was back in 2008 or 2009, so I was excited to go back and see this years show.

When I walked into the convention center, I immediately remembered why I disliked coming to the flower show. Even after they had said that this years layout was completely different. They still had the two biggest attractions at the front where everyone walks in. And since they are the big items, like the dancers and the screen made to look like the ocean everyone stops and stares. Which in turn creates a huge jam of people staring and not paying attention to where they are going and the innocent people who have a clue getting trampled/shoved etc.

Once out of the heavy traffic hell hole, the rest of the layouts were easy to navigate and not a lot of traffic in between them.

The flower show itself was nice, the designs were pretty and the colors of some of the flowers were absolutely gorgeous, and the replica of the Pearl Harbor memorial was absolutely breathtaking, when looking at it, there was an older most likely Japanese guy standing there whispering, I knew most of you, I just wish I could remember the names of the ones I knew.

This year there seemed to be a lot more vendors than actual layouts of flowers this year. I’m not sure if this was good or bad. Overall, while I thought the flower show was pretty, and nice; it just didn’t jump out and scream amazing. It felt like there was something lacking this year. I can’t put my finger on what, but it just didn’t feel like people were excited about it.

I’m sure I’ll go back in 2013, but my expectations will be a bit lower.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from the day. You can view all my pictures here. The ones in the blog are just some of the nicer ones I took. Click on the ones below to make them bigger. Each one opens in a new window.

-Here’s the fake ocean water computer screen thing. It looked totally cool but this was one of the main attractions right at the front where everyone stopped and stared.

-Hawaiian dancers. Need I say more as to why a lot of the ladyfolk were stopped and staring??

-If I ever have a house, I want this in my backyard.

-One of the cool layouts at the show.

-This was some little shadowbox type thing. All of these were hung with very thin fishing line, which just makes them seem like they are hanging in midair.

-Another cool display.

-Pearl Harbor Memorial.

-Pretty flowers.

-These lilies were amazing.

-Miniature Independence Hall.

-My favorite display. It was a music display where they made pictures of musicians with flowers and had some popular music playing.

-Of course I had to get my picture taken with the dancer guys.

-Dancer girl

-Got a flower for my hair

-The picture I bought while at the flower show.