I tend to either have the feast or famine option when it comes to NetGalley. I either request a lot, and get a few approvals, or I get a bunch of denied requests.

Or there are times like this where I requested a lot, and all but one were approved. So here in order are titles/partial titles and how many days left to read. I really hope to get more read this round. And I also have 10 books out from the library too. Yeah, I may have gone overboard this time around.


  1. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader about California (38 days)
  2. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Flush Fiction (38 days)
  3. Everything you need to know about everything you need to know about (38 days)
  4. In Session (48 days)
  5. Facing the Hunchback of Notre Dame (48 days)
  6. Claws and Saucers (48 days)
  7. Trip of the Tongue (50 days)
  8. The Bremen Town Musician (50 days)
  9. Seeing Red (51 days)
  10. Grave Mercy (51 days)
  11. Surprise Surprise (55 days)
  12. The Moonstone Series (55 days)

And library books I have (not ebooks, but still books none the less:

  1. Little House in the Big Woods.
  2. Christmas Cards from the Edge
  3. Earthquake at Dawn
  4. The Sisters Grimm
  5. Naked without a hat
  6. Around the world in Eighty Days
  7. Tips on having a Gay (ex) boyfriend
  8. An Abundance of Katherines
  9. Blood, Bones, and Butter
  10. The Blade Itself.

I’m beginning to think I need to maybe disconnect myself from the interwebs and just  take this weekend to read and clean and catch up on my DVR. I need to clean my apartment before my aunt and cousin come before we go to the Philly Flower Show next week.

So maybe this weekends goals will be to:

  • Read 3 issues of Cosmo
  • Finish the Uncle John’s Califnornia Book
  • Finish Little House in the Big Woods
  • Clean living room and bedroom and declutter.

I’ll update on Sunday night with my progress.