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If you’re keeping track, I’m doing a book challenge as stated here. And if you need a refresher here’s January’s book review.

I had fully intended on re-reading The BFG as my February book. I kind of got on a reading slump, and lo and behold it’s February 27th. I could finish it, but since today brought the news that Jan Berenstain had passed away over the weekend, I feel I need to read a Berenstain Bears book for my February pick.

I’ve picked The Berenstain Bears: The Big Honey Hunt by Stan and Jan Berenstain. I know this is supposed to be a re-read, but I’m not actually sure I ever read this Berenstain Bears book. I just remember reading a lot of them as a child. And The Big Honey Hunt was the only one available right away as an eBook from my library.

If I’m not mistaken, The Big Honey Hunt was the first Berenstain Bears book, notably that brother bear is just called small bear and there is no sister bear.

Still after all these years, a Berenstein Bears story can make you smile and think back to your childhood, reading these books before bed.

Father Bear takes small bear on an adventure to get honey because they’ve eaten all the honey in the house. Of course the easy way would to buy the honey at the honey store conveniently located in front of the house. But no, Father bear decides to follow a bee to get honey from a hive. They go on adventures, encountering many different animals, and not finding the bee tree until the end.

So do they get their honey from the tree or do they end up going to the Honey store?  (It’s a quick 69 page read with most of it being illustrations).

In short, yes, the story holds up over time, and even though the artwork is dated, it still tells a fabulous story for little ones to enjoy. I also think it’s good to see how the Berenstain’s have evolved the characters over the years.

Big Ole ETA: I grew up on these books, how the heck did I NEVER know they were local authors?? So that just makes me love these books even more.